Meet our team

The Watersports Academy in Poole

Meet our team

  • Dave Hartwell

    — Principal

    Dave is the founder of The Watersports Academy and has built the company from 6 windsurf boards to a fully functioning watersports centre offering almost every activity. He is rarely away from The Watersports Academy and is always available for a friendly chat

  • Dave Tite

    — Chief Instructor

    Dave is the Chief Instructor at The Watersports Academy and has been working on the water since it began 10 years ago. He is as dedicated as they come and teaches most water sports from power boat skippering to windsurfing. He is a true waterman and is always out on the water in one way or another.

  • John Vinson

    — Senior Instructor

    John is a relatively new member to our team but is already one of our most senior members. John teaches a variety of watersports, his enthusiasm and passion makes him one of our top instructors. John is also a keen road cyclist and you will often see a flash of lycra as he fly’s past!

  • Joe Greenstreet

    — Senior Instructor

    Joe is one of our senior windsurfing instructors. He lives and breathes to windsurf whenever its windy you will see him blasting about in the harbour. You rarely see him out of a wetsuit and whatever the weather Joe can teach you to windsurf! He is also our school groups head coach and will be taking a team of Dorset school pupils to an interschool competition in Weymouth.

  • Misty Thorn

    — Senior Instructor

    Misty is one of our most enthusiastic instructors; she has been windsurfing since she was 8 years old and has come all the way through The Team-15 pathway eventually becoming an instructor. She is a great example of what you can achieve and is eager to pass her knowledge on to new windsurfers.

  • Phil Merrison

    — T-15 Head Coach

    Phil has been teaching windsurfing since it was invented! There is little he doesn’t know about windsurfing and he is always happy to help with any aspect of the sport. Phil runs The Academy All-Stars youth windsurfing class but also teaches advanced adult lessons on Saturdays. He is dedicated to getting kids into the sport and is the creator of our future Olympians!