Paddle Boarding

in Poole Harbour, Sandbanks, Dorset

  • No wind? No worries! Paddle boarding is fun everyday. If you’re looking for a new watersport try paddle boarding. It’s the perfect way to keep fit and have fun in waves or on flat water. Paddle boarding hit Poole in the last year with many surfers and like-minded people taking up the sport to enjoy on ‘small wave days’.

  • paddle boarding hire poole harbour sandbanks 360x160

  • paddle boarding hire poole harbour 360x160

  • Prices

    Paddle Board Hire | £15 | 1 hour hire to discover the Harbour
    Paddle Board Hire | £65 | 24 hour hire to for a little longer

    Paddle Board Lesson | £25 1 hour Paddle Board tuition to get your started or improve your style
    Paddle Board Lesson & Tour | £40 2 hours Paddle Board tuition and harbour tour.